HHS Agrees to Help Low-Income Americans with Cold Temperatures

Hours after a request by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and two other Senators, the federal government agreed to assist millions of low-income people dealing with bitterly cold temperatures. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will release the remaining federal dollars in what is called the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, known as LIHEAP. […]

Perry Plant Leaking Radioactive Water

A water leak containing Tritium has occurred at Perry Nuclear Power Plant. Tritium is a weakly radioactive isotope occurring in nuclear plant operations. It is found in self-luminescent items like wristwatches and aircraft dials. The leak of water from a steam pipe was found on Monday afternoon. Samples taken at the site found tritium in the […]

Cincinnati Abortion Clinic Shut Down

On Friday, State Health Director Ted Wymyslow closed a Cincinnati-area abortion clinic. The Lebanon Road Surgery Center in Sharonville was targeted for closure in November 2012 because it does not have a valid transfer agreement – a pact required of all Ohio ambulatory surgical facilities with a local hospital to accept patients if medical help […]

Study: Ohio Falls Short in Preventing Disease

Ohio scored poorly in a new report that compares the effectiveness of states in preventing and controlling infectious disease outbreaks. Ohio received a score of four out of ten in the report released on Tuesday by the nonprofit Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The report, called Outbreak: Protecting Americans from Infectious […]

In Brief to Supreme Court, DeWine Backs Abortion Limit

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine joined his counterparts in fifteen states in asking the Supreme Court to consider prohibiting abortions in most cases after 20 weeks. Ohio and Montana are the lead states in a brief filed with the Supreme Court in Horne v. Isaacson, a case abortion opponents feel could turn the tide in […]

Ohio Governor Defies G.O.P. With Defense of Social Safety Net

In his Statehouse office, Governor John R. Kasich let loose on fellow Republicans in Washington. “I’m concerned about the fact there seems to be a war on the poor,” he said. “That if you’re poor, somehow you’re shiftless and lazy.” Since Republicans in Congress shut down the government in trying to remove funding for President […]

Pro-Life Groups In Ohio Sue To Block 300,000 Low-Income People From Gaining Health Coverage

On Monday, Ohio became the fourth Republican-led state to agree to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. Governor John Kasich, who has been pressuring fellow Republicans to expand the public program, finally secured the support he needed. That decision isn’t sitting well with some conservatives. Two anti-abortion groups and six Republican lawmakers filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to prevent the state from accepting federal money […]

Kasich Pushes for Medicaid Expansion

 Governor John Kasich says he’s optimistic that the state Controlling Board will approve the expansion of Medicaid to an additional 275,000 Ohioans on Monday.  “It’s just the right thing to do,” Gov. Kasich said. “This is not a program designed to encourage dependency,” he said of the government-funded insurance for the poor. “It is a program designed to construct […]

Fudge to Attack Food Stamp Cuts

Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Warrensville Heights) has been named a member of a House of Representatives negotiating team that will hammer out a compromise farm bill with members of the U.S. Senate. In September, when the House adopted $39 billion in cuts to the food stamp program, Rep. Fudge noted the reductions were “almost ten times larger than […]

State Has Closed Several Abortion Clinics This Year

Five of Ohio’s fourteen abortion clinics have closed this year or are on the brink of closure. Three of the abortion clinics were ordered closed by Kasich’s health director, and two closures were ordered while Republican Gov. Bob Taft held office. The state did not shut down any abortion clinics under Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland. […]