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Ohio To Stop Sending DNA To Private Labs

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has decided to stop sending DNA samples to private laboratories. The decision comes in light of a mistake that allowed the DNA sample of Anthony Sowell, now charged with several murders, to go missing without being entered in a national database. The goal is to have all testing done at […]

Dimora Will Defend Himself in January – and His Wallet in September

On Monday, a judge delayed former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora’s trial until January 4, 2012. Dimora was charged in September for corruption. Dimora is facing not only charges, but also a lawsuit filed by his former lawyers, who are seeking nearly $80,000 in unpaid fines. That trial has been set for September 12. Related […]

Counties Need Money from State to House Low-Level Offenders

Governor John Kasich’s plan to cut the state prison budget and keep low-level offenders out of the system has been hailed by officials. However, the plan would result in an influx of offenders at halfway houses and treatment facilities, which need more state money. Ohio spends nearly $2 billion a year to house more than […]

Ohio Executes Daniel Lee Bedford

On Tuesday morning, the United States Supreme Court denied a last minute appeal to halt the execution of Daniel Lee Bedford, allowing his execution to proceed as scheduled. Bedford, who was pronounced dead at 11:18 a.m., claimed that he did not remember the crime that landed him on death row 27 years ago. Related articles […]

New Law Requires DNA Swabs from Felony Suspects

Beginning in July, any person arrested for or charged with a felony in Ohio will be required to provide a DNA sample for the state’s criminal database. The retrieval of DNA will be conducted with a cotton swab taking saliva from inside the mouth. The Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation in London, Ohio, currently […]

Former Clevelander Sentenced for WWII War Crimes

On Thursday, a German court convicted the 91-year-old former autoworker John Demjanjuk for helping Nazis murder more than 28,000 Jews at Sobibor concentration camp during World War II. The court sentenced him to 5 years in jail. Demjanjuk’s trial lasted 18 months. Proceedings were limited to 2 90-minute sessions daily because of Demjanjuk’s health problems. […]

Lawsuit Claims Ohio Over-Collects Child Support

A new lawsuit claims Ohio has over-collected millions of dollars’ worth of child support payments and does not provide parents any way to know if they have paid too much. The suit also alleges the state over-collects intentionally to boost federal incentives for processing the payments. According to the lawsuit, there are more than 114,000 […]

Springfield Hotel Threatened Because Flag Gets Stuck on Pole

A Springfield, Ohio Hampton Inn has been receiving dozens of angry calls in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s death due to a frayed flag. Two days before bin Laden was killed, the hotel staff noticed the flag was frayed. A maintenance man began to lower it in order to replace the flag, and the […]

Ohio House Votes to Overhaul Criminal Justice System

On Wednesday, Ohio House has approved a bill that would overhaul some inefficient aspects of the state’s criminal justice system. The bill was approved by a 96-2 vote. The bill would give inmates the chance to earn reduced sentences through completion of rehabilitation programs and would allow nonviolent offenders to serve time in community based […]