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Millennials Lead the Downtown Cleveland Revival

Cranes have returned to the downtown skyline. Apartment vacancies are hard to find. Office workers from the suburbs are moving into empty urban spaces. A rising downtown Cleveland may have the economic power to lift the region. Much will depend on young professionals and whether they find the amenities they seek. The millennial generation, the […]

Brown Unveils Legislation to Make Short Sales Move More Quickly

With nearly 25% of Cuyahoga County homeowners underwater on their mortgages, Senator Sherrod Brown unveiled a plan in Cleveland to improve the housing market by addressing “short sale” home sales. Short sales are transactions that the bank must approve because the seller owes more on the mortgage than the sale price. Sen. Brown’s legislation, the […]

Health Care Reform Supporters Protest at DeWine’s Office

Health care reform advocates protested in front of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office Monday to oppose the state’s role in a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. Progress Ohio and Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage coördinated the demonstration. A.G. DeWine was in Washington, D.C. Monday to help make the case against the act, which […]

Mandel Shows Up for Work for First Time Since Elected 15 Months Ago

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel showed up on Monday for his job running the Buckeye State’s Board of Deposit meeting for the first time in fifteen months. Mr. Mandel, who has not appeared at board meetings for unknown reasons since he was elected, announced on Monday that he was removing two banks (which he accused of […]

Romney, Mandel Want to “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” and Lose 850,000 Ohio Jobs

While Mitt Romney is busy writing his campaign platform on an etch-a-sketch, many Americans are asking one question: What about jobs? The Republican record on creating jobs is pretty clear: ignore, ignore, ignore. When it comes to creating jobs in Ohio, it’s more like oppose, oppose, oppose. Remember when Mr. Romney said that the President […]

Sherrod Brown’s No Fear Fund

Senator Sherrod Brown is collecting $500,000 as part of his No Fear Fund, and a group of supporters has pledged to give $1 towards that goal every time someone re-tweets the message or shares it on Facebook. They’ll also match any donation one of your friends makes in response, up to a total of $20,000. […]

Who Will Be Ohio’s Trayvon Martin? Can We Stop Lax Gun Laws Before It’s Too Late?

Trayvon Martin, only seventeen years old, was shot and killed last month.  What happened to Trayvon is every parent’s nightmare. George Zimmerman became judge, jury, and executioner based on his fears of people different from himself.  He was carrying a gun.  Mr. Zimmerman is the NRA’s poster child for carrying loaded, hidden guns and claiming […]

Tea Party Picked Winner in Every State Except Ohio

Republican Tea Party supporters have a great record of picking winners in the 2012 primaries and caucuses so far, with the sole exception of Ohio. So shows a new analysis of exit polls in the primary states. The analysis, conducted by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, shows that Tea Party members in Ohio voted […]

Ohio Sues Salt Companies for Price-Gouging Conspiracy

Cargill and Morton Salt schemed over the past decade to keep road salt prices artificially high, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. The salt-mining companies divided the Ohio market, agreeing not to compete for each other’s accounts, and submitting sham bids designed to hide their conspiracy and to exclude […]

Capital Case of Incompetent Man Going to Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide if a federal appeals court ruled correctly when it concluded that federal appeals should be delayed for an Ohio man. The justices agreed yesterday to hear the case, a victory for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. The high court will hear oral arguments next fall. The Sixth Circuit Court […]