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Toledo Blade Sues Over Coingate Scandal

The Blade has sued to force the Ohio inspector general to release his report of the “Coingate” scandal nine years after the investigation was launched. The lawsuit, filed in the Ohio Supreme Court, noted it’s been two years since Inspector General Randall J. Meyer’s office reversed position and announced it would complete the report after initially […]

Citizens Testify Against House Bill 231

Yesterday’s hearing for House Bill 231 was a success! Multiple organizations, students, religious leaders, teachers, and concerned citizens showed up and let their voices be heard. House Bill 231 would open the door for people to carry concealed weapons in places like churches, day care centers, schools, government buildings, and other places where they are now […]

Democrats Ask Prosecutor to Examine Contributions to DeWine

Legislative Democrats on Wednesday asked a federal prosecutor to investigate whether Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office broke federal laws in awarding legal contracts to campaign donors. The Democrats’ letter to U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart follows a story about law firms that gave campaign donations to DeWine and were named to a state panel that decides cases to […]

Snow Rollers Spotted Across Ohio

Central Ohio residents are seeing snow rollers across the region. Snow rollers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are solid, while some have holes. In fact, some people even call them snow donuts. It looks like someone started a snowman or snow ball, only human hands did not play a role in shaping these […]

Joe Blundo commentary: Botching of execution can’t be justified

To state my bias upfront: I oppose the death penalty on philosophical grounds. Punish those who deserve to be punished. Get them off the streets to protect the public. But kill them? No. That’s too much power to grant a fallible government. So I would not have wanted to see Dennis McGuire executed last week […]

Support a Federal Minimum Wage Increase

Workers that make the federal minimum wage haven’t gotten a raise since 2009. Tipped minimum wage workers haven’t gotten a raise since 1991. These people work hard. They struggle to provide for their families. As many as 25% of those making the federal minimum wage have children. Ohioans believe that if you put in a […]

Rep. Ryan Wants Manufacturing Focus at SOTU

During last year’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama highlighted the success of a Youngstown manufacturing innovation institute that specializes in 3-D printing technology. Representative Tim Ryan (D-Niles) and other boosters of domestic manufacturing say they hope to hear more along those lines during Obama’s State of the Union address tomorrow night. Ninety percent of the […]

Perry Plant Leaking Radioactive Water

A water leak containing Tritium has occurred at Perry Nuclear Power Plant. Tritium is a weakly radioactive isotope occurring in nuclear plant operations. It is found in self-luminescent items like wristwatches and aircraft dials. The leak of water from a steam pipe was found on Monday afternoon. Samples taken at the site found tritium in the […]

Toledo Threatens Eminent Domain

Toledo and AT&T have reached an impasse over a land sale, forcing the city to begin the process of eminent domain against the telecommunications company. The city plans to widen parts of Dorr Street in West Toledo so it can build center median islands and designated turn areas along the roads between Byrne Road and […]

New Execution Methods Can’t Disguise Death Penalty Problems

Ohio made history last week by becoming the first state to use midazolam and hydromorphone in the execution of Dennis McGuire. State officials used this combination of sedative and painkiller after supplies of execution drugs ran dry. These shortages have caused other states to begin using experimental and dangerous methods to carry out executions. One popular […]