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Execution of Mark Wiles Spurs Opposition to Death Penalty

Last week, Ohio resumed executions when Mark Wiles was executed for the murder of Mark Klima. Ohioans responded in an unprecedented way. Faith leaders voiced their opposition, newspapers wrote about clemency, the parole board’s arbitrary process was exposed, and the governor came under scrutiny for allowing the execution to go ahead. Next week, Ohioans to […]

Attack Ads Begin Against Sherrod Brown

A collection of special interest groups representing wealthy right-wingers are running attack ads against Senator Sherrod Brown. They want to privatize Social Security and end Medicare. They want Big Oil in charge of our energy policy and Wall Street in charge of our economy. You won’t see that in their ads. They’re afraid to talk […]

Ohio Democrats Propose Kids & Communities First Fund

Statehouse Republicans are whistling past the graveyard while schools and communities across Ohio are feeling the squeeze. Last year, Governor Kasich made massive cuts to schools and communities across Ohio, creating a financial crisis for education, safety services, and local property taxpayers. The state budget is getting fat, yet Gov. Kasich is continuing to starve […]

Ohio Republicans Still Trying to Defund Planned Parenthood

Governor Kasich and his pawns in the Statehouse are celebrating because they just declared Ohio the epicenter of the national Republican attacks on women. Will you stand up and support Ohio Planned Parenthood and show Republicans we won’t accept their attacks on women? They snuck a provision into a budget bill that is meant to block […]

House to Vote on Bill to Cut Early Voting

Last month, Republicans in the Ohio State Senate pushed through SB 295, a bill that amounts to a “sneak attack” on Ohio’s voting rights. Now the state legislature is back in session, and the House is poised to vote on SB 295 any day. If SB 295 passes, Ohio will lose the last three days […]

Ohio Sues BP for Losses after Oil Spill

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sued BP on Thursday on behalf of four state pension funds that lost nearly $100 million due to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. A.G. DeWine filed a similar suit in federal court on February 13, but U.S. District Judge Keith P. Ellison threw out certain claims because federal court was […]

Poll Shows Brown, Mandel Face Tight Race

A new Rasmussen poll has the race between Senator Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel inside the margin of error. Five million dollars in special interest attack spending plus Mr. Mandel’s own huge ad buy is a recipe for a tight race. There is just over a week for Sen. Brown to raise the $104,700 to […]

Obama, Romney Fight for Ohio Vote in Growing Economy

Ohio is again unfolding as a crucial battleground in the Presidential election, its eighteen electoral votes critical to both candidates. On Wednesday, President Obama made his fourth trip to the state since January; Mr. Romney will arrive on Thursday. About 54% of the state’s electorate is white and working class, a group that both Mr. […]

Ohio Republicans Try to Defund Planned Parenthood

Republicans in the Ohio State House are trying to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood receive state funds to give health care services for low-income women, like cancer screenings and family planning services. Now, Ohio Republicans are willing to block money for all of Planned Parenthood services, even vital health services that have nothing to do […]

Josh Mandel’s Facebook Friends

  Have you seen the Ohio Democratic Party’s video about Treasurer Josh Mandel? If you haven’t, it’s well worth your time. After repeatedly slamming his opponent for “cronyism” and promising to behave differently, Josh Mandel gave plum jobs and taxpayer-funded raises to political cronies. If you like our new video, please, take a second and […]