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Supreme Court: Company Violated Requirement in Not Providing Safety Equipment

The Supreme Court of Ohio has ruled that a manufacturing company in Warren, Ohio violated a safety requirement in failing to give a worker proper safety equipment. The justices unanimously rejected Glunt Industries’s argument that the electrical breaker that left its employee injured was not “equipment to be worked on” under Ohio law. “We find […]

Biden Keeps Attacking Romney in Ohio

Today, Vice President Joe Biden continued an attack on the business practices of Mitt Romney, saying that his business background doesn’t make him fit to run a country. Mr. Biden used an eastern Ohio car dealership as the backdrop to a speech during which he said Mr. Romney was wrong to criticize the government’s auto industry […]

Mother of Dead 28-Pound Teen Sentenced

The mother of a fourteen-year-old girl who had cerebral palsy and weighed twenty-eight pounds when she died last year was sentenced today to nine years in prison. Angela Norman was sentenced in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court in Dayton. Ms. Norman, a Dayton resident, pleaded guilty last month to a first-degree felony count of involuntary […]

Ohio Law Requires Parties to Certify Presidential Nominees Before Convention

  In 2010, Ohio election law was amended to require all parties to certify the names of their Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees at least ninety days before the general election. In 2012, that would be August 8. However, neither the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party, will have held their national conventions that early. The […]

Cuyahoga Prosecutor Uses Death Penalty as Negotiating Tactic

Within days of a drug-related slaying in suburban Cleveland, six men were indicted on charges that carried the possibility of a death sentence. Six months later, all pleaded to lesser charges. In short, the men went from facing death to prison sentences typical for thieves. “It probably was a negotiating tool,” said defense attorney Reuben […]

Biden Jabs Romney’s Record

Vice President Joe Biden brought the Obama campaign’s Bain Capital offensive to Ohio today, framing the election as a choice between economic philosophies. Mr. Biden said there is “life and hope in the heartland” as a result of the administration’s pro-manufacturing policies, which he said would do more to build a lasting economy than the […]

Drilling Bill Passes Ohio Senate

Ohio senators approved regulations for horizontal shale drilling on Tuesday in a bipartisan vote. State Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) urged fellow lawmakers to get drilling moving. “Folks, we’re sitting on a mountain of money,” he said. “People who have been poor as church mice for 150 years are now going to be the latter-day Jed […]

Lawmakers Propose Online Driver’s Ed Classes

Teenagers in Ohio would be able to take driver’s education courses online instead of in classrooms under a proposed change being considered by lawmakers. Teens younger than eighteen are required to have twenty-four hours in the classroom and eight hours behind the wheel with instructors. Driving schools opposed to the change say it would allow […]

Energy Companies Excited to Try New Petroleum Fracking in Eastern Ohio

Some 8,000 feet deep and 450 million years old, the Utica Shale has a lot of petroleum. Although no one really knows how much there is, oil and gas companies are flocking to eastern Ohio, home to some of the shale’s most amenable portions. It’s an experimental phase for the technology that makes shale extraction […]

Ohio Senate Wants to Drug Test Welfare Recipients

A pilot program that would tie welfare benefits to drug tests is making its way through the Ohio Senate, amid criticism that the state constitution bars the move. Great. This program worked so well in Florida that it’ll be bound to work here, too. The Senate Finance Committee set a Tuesday vote on a provision […]