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Prominent Democrats Consider Running for New Third District

Ohio Democrats will not have to look hard to recruit House candidates next year. At least four of the five Democrats who lost their seats last year are considering comeback bids under the state’s new Congressional map. Republicans crafted a new map to put at least two current Democratic members in peril next year, but […]

Cincinnati Judge Rules Dying Man’s Blinks Can Be Used As Trial Evidence

A Cincinnati judge says a video of a dying man blinking his eyes to identify his killer can be used as evidence in the suspect’s trial. Ricardo Woods is charged with the murder of David Chandler, who was paralyzed after being shot in the head and neck October 28. Prosecutors videotaped a conversation with Chandler […]

Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Tea Party Lawsuit

On Wednesday, the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed without comment a lawsuit filed by the Dayton Tea Party, which wanted the Ohio Municipal League and the Ohio Township Association to release records about their finances, operations, and lobbying efforts. The lone dissent came from Justice Robert Cupp, who said he was open to being further briefed […]

Cleveland Passes Green Streets Ordinance

Cleveland‘s streets are about to get friendlier for bicyclists and pedestrians. On Monday, the city council approved a law requiring that 20% of money spent on road projects go to features such as bike-only lanes, crosswalks, energy-efficient lighting, and porous pavement. The law caps the extra cost at $1 million. The Complete and Green Streets […]

Connie Schultz Resigns from “The Plain Dealer”

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Connie Schultz has resigned from The Plain Dealer, saying her personal and professional independence was at stake if she remained at the newspaper. She had written a column for the daily paper for eighteen years. Schultz is married to United States Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who is seeking reelection next year. […]

Mandel’s Statement About Brown’s Finances Is Wrong

During an interview with WKYC in Cleveland on September 1, Ohio treasurer Josh Mandel was asked about campaign contributions from employees of a Canton direct mail firm. Many people have questioned how those employees could afford to write such large campaign checks, so reporter Tom Beres asked Mandel what he would say to people who […]

Attorney General Seeks Expanded Authority to Charge Scammers

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is fulfilling a campaign promise by seeking a legal change that would allow him to subpoena computer and phone records to hunt scammers. The AG’s office has authority to pursue only civil cases. To press criminal charges, the office must partner with one of the state’s eighty-eight county prosecutors. H.B. […]

Cleveland Heights Repeals Gun Law in Face of Lawsuit; Gun Group Proceeds with Suit

Cleveland Heights has repealed its firearms ordinances following a lawsuit by Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OCC). The City Council unanimously approved the measure at its September 6 meeting after OCC sought a permanent injunction against the city in August for passing legislation that superseded state law. The law included a ban against carrying a gun […]

Ohio Gets Millions in Medicaid Fraud Settlement

Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Tuesday that Ohio’s share of a national Medicaid fraud settlement is nearly $15 million. Maxim Healthcare Services, a home health care business, settled allegations that offices in forty-one states, including Ohio, submitted claims for services not rendered. Maxim was also accused of submitting claims without required documentation and having facilities […]

President Obama Speaks in Columbus about American Jobs Act

You can watch a live feed of his speech here.