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Pro-Life Groups In Ohio Sue To Block 300,000 Low-Income People From Gaining Health Coverage

John Kasich

John Kasich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Monday, Ohio became the fourth Republican-led state to agree to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. Governor John Kasich, who has been pressuring fellow Republicans to expand the public program, finally secured the support he needed.

That decision isn’t sitting well with some conservatives. Two anti-abortion groups and six Republican lawmakers filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to prevent the state from accepting federal money intended to fund the Medicaid expansion. They contend that it was illegal to approve the move through a special seven-member committee.

The Associated Press reports that the Cleveland and Cincinnati Right to Life chapters are joining the lawsuit because they “oppose the use of federal funding for expansion and wanted the chance to debate the issue with the Legislature .” It’s unclear why that’s a priority for the anti-choice groups. Some abortion believe the health care law expands access to taxpayer-funded abortions, but it doesn’t. Obamacare doesn’t designate any federal funding for abortion coverage, and federal Medicaid dollars are already banned from covering abortion.

Ohio’s Medicaid expansion would extend health coverage to at least 275,000 low-income residents who don’t have insurance. Gov. Kasich, explained his support for expanding Medicaid by pointing to his religious convictions about caring for the poor, has indicated that he doesn’t understand the opposition to the program.

“Why is that some people don’t get it?” Kasich asked during an event last week. “Is it because they’re hard-hearted or cold-hearted? It’s probably because they don’t understand the problem because they have never walked in somebody’s shoes.”

Via ThinkProgress.


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