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Cincinnati Abortion Clinic Shut Down

On Friday, State Health Director Ted Wymyslow closed a Cincinnati-area abortion clinic.

The Lebanon Road Surgery Center in Sharonville was targeted for closure in November 2012 because it does not have a valid transfer agreement – a pact required of all Ohio ambulatory surgical facilities with a local hospital to accept patients if medical help is needed.

The clinic’s attorney, Jennifer Branch, said an appeal would be filed within the required fifteen-day period. She called the state’s action “unprecedented” and part of “a regulatory witch hunt on abortion providers at the bequest of Governor John Kasich.”

“Women’s Med Center has provided quality medical care to its patients since (the Ohio Department of Health) licensed the Center in 2010 even though it did not have a transfer agreement,” Branch said. “We are disappointed that after allowing the center to operate without a transfer agreement for over three years, (the department) has now refused to renew the center’s license.”

Gov. Kasich’s office declined to comment.

Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, said, “Governor Kasich and his political appointees at the Ohio Department of Health are abusing their regulatory authority by moving to close an abortion clinic without any medical justification. Fifteen months ago this clinic filed the required paperwork to comply with Ohio law, and on Friday (the department) refused to accept this paperwork. Clearly this is about politics and ideology, not patient safety.”

Ms. Copeland called on Kasich “to stop his regulatory witch hunt and quit interfering in women’s medical decisions…On the eve of the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, anti-choice forces are moving to make abortion inaccessible in Ohio—regardless of the law.”

Via The Dispatch.


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