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A Letter to Our Politicians: Trust Women

What happened to the campaign promises to create jobs and fix the economy? Everyone knows Ohio unemployment is getting worse, not better. And remember when, during the debates on federal health care reform, those same politicians campaigned on smaller government and said government had no place in the health decisions of Americans? You may remember, […]

Mandel “Hasn’t Attended a Single Monthly Meeting”

Josh Mandel is facing more scrutiny about how he’s juggling politics with his day job. The AP  dropped a story Wednesday that the treasurer “hasn’t attended a single monthly meeting” of a board that decides which banks will hold billions in state deposits. “It’s common to send a designee to most meetings, but the total […]

Federal Judge Halts Another Ohio Execution

Executions in Ohio may be on hold again as state prison officials refine their lethal-injection protocol to meet a federal judge’s requirements. Without objection from the Attorney General, U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost halted the execution of Michael Webb and allowed Mr. Webb to join other death-penalty defendants in a lawsuit challenging the state’s lethal-injection […]

Kilroy a Strong Frontrunner in the Third District

Former Representative Mary Jo Kilroy (D) is the strong frontrunner in Ohio’s third district, according to a survey released by her campaign today. The poll done for Kilroy showed her leading the Democratic field with 48% almost two months before the March 6 primary. State Rep. Ted Celeste got 17%, and former state House Minority […]

Joe D’Ambrosio Is Sixth Ohio Man Exonerated from Death Row

Joe D’Ambrosio is the nation’s 140th death row exoneree and the sixth man exonerated from Ohio’s death row. The six men spent a combined 102 years on death row for crimes they did not commit. Mr. D’Ambrosio was convicted of murdering nineteen-year old Anthony Klann in Cuyahoga County in 1989. Following a 2006 ruling that […]

Ohioans Work To Keep Cleveland Anti-Trust Office Open

A Justice Department plan to close Cleveland’s antitrust office and transfer its attorneys elsewhere has prompted local lawyers and legislators to work for its preservation. Fines collected by the office far exceed its operating costs, and its closure will hinder prosecution of local and national price-fixing conspiracies. The Cleveland office costs $3.2 million each year […]

Man Faces Trial for Duct Taping Daughter, Putting Her in Cage

An Ohio man is facing charges after putting his thirteen-year-old daughter in a dog cage and binding her hands and feet with duct tape, authorities said. After the girl escaped on January 10, authorities say that James Tapke told her he would electrocute her if she escaped again. He then put a jump pack in […]

Rules Ignored in Arrest of Deadly Craigslist Robbery Suspect

A state prisons report noted that confusion over rules about prisoners transfers and lack of communication help explain why Texas parolee Richard Beasley, a suspect in a deadly Craigslist robbery scheme, was mistakenly released twice in Ohio. According to the report, Texas informed Ohio a warrant issued for Mr. Beasley did not allow him to […]

Prison Officials Study Link Between Tobacco and Violence

Ohio’s top prison official has asked his department to investigate whether an increase in violence is linked to a tobacco ban and the use of tobacco as a currency among inmates. The ban was instituted in 2009 to help reduce inmate health care costs. The department’s chief security-threat investigator says that gangs gain power in […]

Legislature to Give $165 Million in Reduced-Interest Loans to Farmers

The state would make more discounted loans available to farmers who want to under a proposal from Republicans who control the Ohio Legislature. A House bill, along with companion legislation in the Senate, would extend the state’s Agricultural Linked Deposit program (Ag-LINK), according to reports by media outlets. Funding available through the state would increase […]