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State Aid to Schools Increases by $170 Million; Gov. Kasich Cuts Funding by $3.1 Billion

Two-thirds of Ohio’s 614  public school districts will see increases in state funding next school year, but the additional money will not be anywhere near enough to cover the budget cuts also coming to them. The Office of Budget and Management released district numbers showing state aid increasing $170 million over two years. However, Governor […]

GOP Leader Seeks to Revise Senate Bill 5

State Senator Bill Seitz, the man behind the state law banning same-sex marriages, is now leading the charge to downsize Ohio Senate Bill 5. Sen. Seitz and five other Republican state senators voted against the bill and are pressing for revisions in the state House, which is currently considering the bill. Senate Bill 5, which […]

Ohio Unemployment Rate Falls to 9.2%

In February, Ohio’s unemployment rate fell slightly, to 9.2%, the State Department of Job and Family Services reported Friday. Nonfarm payroll gained 13,600 jobs to reach 5.08 million. The number of unemployed fell by 9,000 to 542,000. In January, the jobless rate had been 9.3%. A year ago, Ohio unemployment was at 10.6% Read more: […]

Former Governor Gilligan Criticizes Governor Kasich

Former Ohio Governor John Gilligan, who is turning 90 this week, recently told The Columbus Dispatch that he thinks the new Republican Governor, John Kasich, is taking the wrong approach in our state. Gov. Gilligan, who was governor in the 1970s, introduced the state income tax, which Gov. Kasich has talked about eliminating. Gov. Gilligan […]

Senate Bill 5 On Hold for Now

After weeks of rallies, a bill sharply limiting the collective bargaining rights of Ohio’s 350,000 public workers is on hold in the Ohio House. The chairman of a House panel considering Senate Bill 5 has not scheduled any hearings for this week. The bill would prohibit strikes and limit the rights of firefighters, police, teachers, […]

Governor Kasich Re-Positions Unconstitutional Staffer

Governor John Kasich moved his out-of-state development director into the new position of job-creation director amid allegations that the earlier appointment was illegal. Gov. Kasich said that challenges to Mark Kvamme‘s appointment were a distraction. Kwamme, a noted venture capitalist, is based in Silicon Valley. filed a lawsuit, claiming that Kwamme’s California residency violated […]

Ohio GOP Attacks Unions; Ohioans Respond with Democratic Support

Like they said, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” Hey, that’s good. Maybe I should name my blog after it or something. They say this because Ohio is America’s Hearland; it’s middle-of-the-road; it has a great election record. (Only once since World War II has Ohio voted for a losing Presidential candidate.) So if […]

Governor Kasich Proposes Crushing Cuts

Tuesday, Ohio Governor and former Fox News talking head John Kasich proposed a two-year budget that would close an $8 billion gap by cutting aid to cities, reshaping Medicaid, and selling prisons. The budget would cut state aid to municipalities by 25% in the first year and another 25% in the second. Gov. Kasich said […]

Ex-GOP Congressional Candidate Indicted on Sex Charges

Not a lot went well for Democrats – or for all Ohioans, for that matter – in the 2010 midterms. However, one district in Ohio didn’t just fall for the pandering Tea Party nonsense so many politicians threw out in their campaigns. Because of that, today, we can breathe a sigh of relief because used […]