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BREAKING: 1 Student Killed, 4 Students Injured in Chardon School Shooting

One student has died following a shooting this morning at Chardon High School. Four others were injured. The shooter is in custody. Police will not yet name the gunman, saying only that he has not yet been charged, and that he is a juvenile. The gunman opened fire with a handgun before 8:00 a.m. in […]

Ohioans Turn Support to Santorum, So DeWine Does, Too

Rick Santorum continued to pick up momentum on Friday, as Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine dropped his support of Mitt Romney and endorsed Mr. Santorum. At an announcement in front of the Ohio Statehouse, A.G. DeWine said he had endorsed Mr. Romney in October because he believed Mr. Romney stood the best chance of beating […]

D’Ambrosio Sues State and Prosecutor for Wrongful Death Sentence

Joe D’Ambrosio, a former death row inmate for twenty-one years, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the state for wrongful imprisonment. Mr. D’Ambrosio wants compensation for being wrongly imprisoned by the state, plus compensation for lost wages and attorneys fees. The suit names as defendants the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor William D. Mason, […]

Ohio to Receive $335 Million in Mortgage Settlement

Ohio will receive $335 million in a nationwide settlement with mortgage lenders. Attorney General Mike DeWine will distribute $75 million for eliminating blight. A.G. DeWine has yet not decided how to divide the money in a state with an estimated 100,000 abandoned houses. A.G. DeWine is said to be interested in “leveraging” more funds, which […]

Will the Republican Race Come Down to Ohio on Super Tuesday?

Ohio could change the state of the Republican Presidential Primary. Republicans will be going to the polls in Maine, Arizona, and Michigan before month’s end, but Super Tuesday is quickly approaching on March 6. One of the biggest prizes is Ohio. It’s big and diverse, and none of the candidates has a home field advantage. […]

Ohio Participates in Foreclosure Abuse Settlement

Ohio is one of forty-two states that have agreed to a $26 billion proposed settlement with the nation’s biggest mortgage lenders over foreclosure abuses. The deal includes $1.5 billion for victims of wrongful foreclosure, $3 billion from a refinance program and $32.3 billion in homeowner benefits from loan changes. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells […]

“Personhood Amendment” Could Find Its Way on Ohio Ballot

Anti-choice radicals are attempting to put a constitutional amendment on Ohio’s ballot in 2012. It’s called the “personhood amendment.” You may have heard about failed attempts to pass such an amendment in Mississippi. The amendment would declare that a person exists upon fertilization of a female egg, outlawing abortions by giving legal status to a […]