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Federal Judge Rules Constitution Protects Gays against Employment Discrimination

On Monday, a federal judge ruled that a gay Cuyahoga County worker can claim constitutional protection in her discrimination lawsuit against the county. The ruling involves Shari Hutchinson, a woman working for the county child support enforcement agency. Hutchinson sued the county, claiming she was denied promotions because of her sexual orientation and administrators retaliated […]

Perry Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down After Rise in Radiation

High radiation levels recorded at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Lake County prompted a special inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. On April 22, workers at the plant immediately evacuated when radiation levels rose as the plant was shutting down for a refueling outage. Levels rose while workers were removing a monitor that measures […]

Ohio: “Least Green” State in the Nation

Last year, 24/7 Wall St. analyzed the environmental issues facing every state. They examined energy consumption, pollution, and state energy policies. They collected thousands of data point to determine the most and least “green” states. This year, 24/7 Wall St. updated and rereleased its findings. Ohio came in last. Ohio is the least green state […]

Tracfone Monopolizes Ohio Emergency Phone Program

There are two emergency phone access programs. As of now, Tracfone is the only cell phone company cleared to participate in these programs. There is no explanation why the state’s public utility commission has not accepted any other providers into the plan, but for the moment, Tracfone has a monopoly in Ohio. This isn’t new. […]

Ohio to Break Record for Executions in One Year

Ohio is on track to break a record for the number of prisoners executed in a calendar year. Tuesday, borderline mentally disabled inmate Clarence Carter was executed at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. He was the second inmate nationally killed using only the sedative pentobarbital. Carter was the third Ohio inmate executed this year. Monthly […]

Josh Mandel Gives Up Campaign Promise to Run for Senate

On Wednesday, Republican Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel established a U.S. senatorial campaign committed with the Federal Election. Despite taking these first steps to campaign, Mandel says that he is officially undecided about running against Senator Sherrod Brown in 2012. Mandel is taking serious heat for making the move to run against Sen. Brown, as he […]

Fugitive Safe Surrender Program Finds Growing Support

Fugitive Safe Surrender, the Cleveland-based program that allowed tens of thousands of people to come to justice peacefully, is gaining financial and political support since the U.S. Marshal Service ended it to save money. On Thursday, U.S. Marshal Peter Elliott told more than 150 volunteers the program would be better than ever. The volunteers worked […]

Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Suit against Priest

Wednesday,  the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed a woman’s case against Tledo priest Gerald Robinson. The woman, who filed anonymously, claimed the priest sexually abused her in satanic rituals when she was a child. Lower courts had already determined the suit was filed too late. The Supreme Court issued its ruling without comment. The suit was […]

Supreme Court Upholds Judges’ Foreclosure Rule

The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a complaint against 3 Franklin County judges who require lawyers to verify the authenticity of home foreclosure documents. Six lawyers challenged the action, asking the Court to prohibit the judges from ordering them to sign “certifications” on behalf of their clients. The Franklin County prosecutor’s office filed a motion […]

Governor Kasich Exploring Gambling in Ohio

Republican Governor John Kasich is expected to hire a consultant to explore how Ohio’s gambling market could expand beyond casinos and lottery games. One of the first possibilities could be allowing thousands of video slot machines at 7 horse racing tracks in the state. The horse racing industry says that allowing these “racinos” would create […]