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Former Clevelander Sentenced for WWII War Crimes

John Demjanjuk hearing his death sentence. Dem...

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On Thursday, a German court convicted the 91-year-old former autoworker John Demjanjuk for helping Nazis murder more than 28,000 Jews at Sobibor concentration camp during World War II. The court sentenced him to 5 years in jail.

Demjanjuk’s trial lasted 18 months. Proceedings were limited to 2 90-minute sessions daily because of Demjanjuk’s health problems.

Demjanjuk denied the charges against him. He was released pending appeal.

Demjanjuk was a soldier in the REd Army in 1942 when he was captured by the Germans and recruited to be a guard at Sobibor. After the war, he lived in Cleveland until 2009, when he was deported to Germany for trial.


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