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State of the State Puts Education Funding on Display

Governor John Kasich has chosen Medina as the site of his State of the State address in February. As he prepares for this event, it is helpful to understand what his two state budgets have done to schools in Medina City and County. Children in Medina County schools will have $13.7 million less state revenue in the next […]

Meet Sharen Neuhardt, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

This year’s Ohio gubernatorial race recently became more interesting, as Sharen Neuhardt of Yellow Springs was selected to be the running mate of Democratic candidate Ed FitzGerald. “I’m honored and thrilled,” Neuhardt said in an interview last Friday. Neuhardt has taken a leave of absence from her job in the law firm of Thompson Hine, […]

Cincinnati Abortion Clinic Shut Down

On Friday, State Health Director Ted Wymyslow closed a Cincinnati-area abortion clinic. The Lebanon Road Surgery Center in Sharonville was targeted for closure in November 2012 because it does not have a valid transfer agreement – a pact required of all Ohio ambulatory surgical facilities with a local hospital to accept patients if medical help […]

Poll: Governor’s Race a Toss-Up

A new poll signals trouble ahead for Gov. John Kasich’s re-election. The survey of likely voters shows Gov. Kasich polling at 40% against little-known Democrat Ed FitzGerald. Gov.  Kasich’s trouble among conservatives is reflected in a 6% showing for Libertarian Charlie Earl. The remaining 16 % are undecided. A survey in early November found Kasich […]

134,000 Ohioans Could Lose Aid After Kasich Refuses Federal Funding for Food Stamps

Gov. John Kasich’s decision to reinstate work requirements for food stamp assistance is inconsistent with his recent championing of health-care for the poor. An estimated 134,000 Ohioans in seventy-two counties are at risk of losing food stamp assistance as of January 1, when the first round of people will have exhausted a three-month grace period […]

Former JobsOhio Chief Could Make Millions on OSU Deal

Former JobsOhio chief Mark Kvamme and his new business partner might make millions from Ohio State University’s $50 million investment in their new venture capital firm. Kvamme’s company could make $9 million in fees, $500,000 in expenses, and 20% of future profits from Ohio State’s investment. Ohio State’s investment was made in part at the […]

Where Is Ohio’s Economic Rebound?

Not long ago, Ohio was one of the leading states in job creation, and Gov. John Kasich was touting JobsOhio, as a way of bringing jobs to Ohio. Fast-forward to December 2013, and it’s a different story. Recent studies peg Ohio as forty-fourth (of, obviously, fifty) in job creation and in the bottom four states in economic […]

JobsOhio Numbers Down On Every Metric In Q3 2013

Political communicators know to release bad news when no one is looking. That’s what JobsOhio did this week. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, two days after Black Friday, and the day after the OSU-Michigan game, most Ohioans are not following politics or job numbers.* Knowing this, the folks at JobsOhio put out a report for the third […]

ACLU Sues Ohio Over Budget

The ACLU of Ohio has challenged H.B. 59, the state budget bill, by exposing three provisions that violate the Ohio Constitution’s “One-Subject Rule,” which requires that legislation contain only one subject. All provisions in a budget bill must relate to the state’s budget and state funding; the three provisions that the ACLU of Ohio opposes […]

The Whispering Campaign by Team Kasich against Greater Cleveland Has to Stop

Gov. John Kasich’s cabal of advisers seem to believe they can have things both ways. When there’s good news on the jobs front, it’s all their doing. Bad news is someone else’s fault. But some roads are so low that even the governor’s lackeys must avoid them at all costs. At the top of that list is […]