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Charter School Details Under Scrutiny

An Akron Beacon Journal report has revealed disturbing details surrounding a chain of nineteen publicly funded charter schools. The Horizon and Noble Academies were founded by Turkish immigrants under the name “Concept Schools.”  The schools hired“325 educators almost exclusively from Turkey” and “as early as 2002, state audits found thousands of public dollars ‘illegally expended’ to finance the U.S. citizenship […]

HHS Agrees to Help Low-Income Americans with Cold Temperatures

Hours after a request by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and two other Senators, the federal government agreed to assist millions of low-income people dealing with bitterly cold temperatures. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will release the remaining federal dollars in what is called the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, known as LIHEAP. […]

Democrats Ask Prosecutor to Examine Contributions to DeWine

Legislative Democrats on Wednesday asked a federal prosecutor to investigate whether Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office broke federal laws in awarding legal contracts to campaign donors. The Democrats’ letter to U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart follows a story about law firms that gave campaign donations to DeWine and were named to a state panel that decides cases to […]

Rep. Ryan Wants Manufacturing Focus at SOTU

During last year’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama highlighted the success of a Youngstown manufacturing innovation institute that specializes in 3-D printing technology. Representative Tim Ryan (D-Niles) and other boosters of domestic manufacturing say they hope to hear more along those lines during Obama’s State of the Union address tomorrow night. Ninety percent of the […]

Ohio Dems Win Big in 2013

The 2013 election can be summed up in five words: “Overwhelming losses for Kasich’s friends.” Ohio voters punished Republicans at the local level for their recent attacks on workers, women, and push to shift the tax burden onto the middle class. Voters stripped the Governor and his allies from control of any of Ohio’s ten most […]

Mandel “Hasn’t Attended a Single Monthly Meeting”

Josh Mandel is facing more scrutiny about how he’s juggling politics with his day job. The AP  dropped a story Wednesday that the treasurer “hasn’t attended a single monthly meeting” of a board that decides which banks will hold billions in state deposits. “It’s common to send a designee to most meetings, but the total […]

Kilroy a Strong Frontrunner in the Third District

Former Representative Mary Jo Kilroy (D) is the strong frontrunner in Ohio’s third district, according to a survey released by her campaign today. The poll done for Kilroy showed her leading the Democratic field with 48% almost two months before the March 6 primary. State Rep. Ted Celeste got 17%, and former state House Minority […]

Ohio Dems Sue Unconstitutional New Legislative Map

Statehouse Democrats filed a lawsuit Wednesday charging that Republicans violated the Ohio Constitution last year when they drew new Ohio legislative districts. Republicans labeled the charges ridiculous and said the map passes constitutional muster. The Democrats are asking Ohio Supreme Court to reject the map passed by the state Apportionment Board on September 28 and […]

A Message from the Chairmen of the Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio Republican Party

The holidays are a time to set aside partisan differences and remember that we are all Americans who want the best for our country and its people. As Party Chairmen, we often ask our supporters to make a contribution to help our respective Party’s candidates win.  But in the spirit of the holidays, we are […]

Governor Kasich Appoints Annette Butler

Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday appointed Annette Butler, a fellow Republican, to be a Common Pleas judge. Ms. Butler is filling a vacancy left by former Judge Timothy J. McGinty, a Democrat who is running for county prosecutor. Ms. Butler will take office on December 12. She must run for election next fall to keep […]