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Republicans Pick Cleveland for 2016 Convention

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that it had chosen heavily Democratic Cleveland to host its 2016 national convention. A meeting of the full RNC will ratify the choice next month in Chicago. The RNC had narrowed the field to Cleveland and Dallas, both of which aggressively courted party officials. Republicans believe that […]

Meet Sharen Neuhardt, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

This year’s Ohio gubernatorial race recently became more interesting, as Sharen Neuhardt of Yellow Springs was selected to be the running mate of Democratic candidate Ed FitzGerald. “I’m honored and thrilled,” Neuhardt said in an interview last Friday. Neuhardt has taken a leave of absence from her job in the law firm of Thompson Hine, […]

ACLU Sues Ohio Over Budget

The ACLU of Ohio has challenged H.B. 59, the state budget bill, by exposing three provisions that violate the Ohio Constitution’s “One-Subject Rule,” which requires that legislation contain only one subject. All provisions in a budget bill must relate to the state’s budget and state funding; the three provisions that the ACLU of Ohio opposes […]

Youngstown Democrats Support JobsOhio Reform

Three Youngstown-area Democrats are supporting a plan by Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, a 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, to change how Jobs-Ohio operates. State Rep. Ronald Gerberry (D-Austintown), Mahoning County Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti, and Youngstown Councilman Mike Ray (D-4th) support FitzGerald’s proposal. FitzGerald says JobsOhio should be transparent, implement oversight, develop high-performance criteria, adopt and […]

FitzGerald Proposes Changes to JobsOhio

Democrat Ed FitzGerald, who’s running for governor, unveiled a list of changes he’d like to see at JobsOhio if he were to take office. The Cuyahoga County executive called for sunshine law requirements, public audits,  and revamped ethical standards, among other proposals. FitzGerald says the current JobsOhio system is not producing at a high level […]

Ohio Supreme Court: County Charged Too Much for Public Records

The Ohio Supreme Court has rebuked Cuyahoga County’s attempt to bill two companies $208,000 each for two months’ worth of real-estate records already stored digitally. In a 7-0 ruling, the court said the county can only charge $1 for each compact disc to hold the downloaded digital files, not $2 per physical page as argued […]

D’Ambrosio Sues State and Prosecutor for Wrongful Death Sentence

Joe D’Ambrosio, a former death row inmate for twenty-one years, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the state for wrongful imprisonment. Mr. D’Ambrosio wants compensation for being wrongly imprisoned by the state, plus compensation for lost wages and attorneys fees. The suit names as defendants the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor William D. Mason, […]

Ohio Supreme Court Declines Case about Man Who Killed Intruder

The Ohio Supreme Court declined Wednesday to hear the case of a fifty-five-year-old Cleveland homeowner convicted last year of killing an intruder. When the Eighth Ohio District Court of Appeals threw out the conviction, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason appealed the decision. Carl Kozlosky was sentenced last year to eighteen years to life in prison […]

Tax Credit Brings More Movies to Ohio

Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley will star in the latest movie set to film in Ohio, which has courted Hollywood with state tax incentives. The Ohio Department of Development said today that credits totaling more than $1.5 million have been approved for two more movies. “A Doll’s House,” with Mr. Kingsley, will begin shooting in the […]

Dimora’s Trial to Start Thursday

The corruption trial of Jimmy Dimora will begin Thursday morning with opening statements, now that his request to delay proceedings has been denied. The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals issued a ruling Tuesday rejecting arguments by Mr. Dimora’s lawyers that the trial should be postponed until the appellate court determines whether separate corruption-related indictments […]