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Kasich: Right to Work “Not on My Agenda”

Republican Governor John Kasich said last week that “right-to-work” legislation, which weakens labor unions, isn’t on his agenda. That’s not the same as saying he would fight or veto it. The divisive measure should not be enacted. Putting aside the likely partisan explosion, Ohio’s voters signaled as recently as 2011 that they do not favor such […]

Opponents Spent $29 Million on Ohio’s Union-Limiting Law

  The union-backed group that successfully fought to defeat Ohio’s contentious collective bargaining law spent more than $29 million in the fall ballot campaign.   Campaign finance reports filed Friday show We Are Ohio raised about $30 million in its effort and received another $12 million in in-kind contributions.   More than 61% of Ohio […]

Obama, Biden Congratulate Ohio

With Tuesday night’s vote overturning Senate Bill 5, the Obama administration and allies were quick to offer statements of solidarity and support. Jay Carney, the President’s press secretary, offered the following remark shortly after the Associated Press reported that Ohio voters rejected Issue 2, the ballot referendum on SB 5 that would restrict collective bargaining […]

Ohio Repeals Senate Bill 5!

Ohio voters overturned a law signed last year that limited collective bargaining rights for public workers. With 28% of precincts reporting, 62% voted for repealing the law and 38% against it, according to the Ohio secretary of state’s office. The Republican controlled legislature approved the bill, and Republican Governor John Kasich signed it into law […]

Everyone Agrees: Issue 3 Is Bad

With all the talk about Issue 2, there is another ballot issue slipping under the radar.  Issue 3 will do damage to Ohio. Law professors across the state agree that Issue 3 is so badly worded that it would likely throw a wrench in many of the following programs: Workers Compensation COBRA insurance coverage in child […]

Ohio Collective Bargaining Law One of the Biggest Political Battles in the Country

The push to repeal Ohio’s anti-collective bargaining law (called Senate Bill 5) will be one of the biggest battles in the country this Election Day. The law’s supporters and opponents are expected to spend in total more than $20 million in the fight. Supporters say the law is vital to curb labor’s power and to […]

Republican Election Strategy: Keep Democrats from Voting

You may have heard about the recent voter suppression bill in Ohio, HB194. It makes significant changes to the way we are allowed to vote, including: If voters are at the wrong precinct, poll workers would not be required to tell them of this or direct them to the correct one. When people cast votes […]

Gov. Kasich Asks for Compromise to Keep SB5 Off the Ballot

On Wednesday, Governor John Kasich backtracked on Senate Bill 5, asking union leaders to negotiate a compromise on the collective bargaining law he championed and end efforts to repeal it. Gov. Kasich made clear he wants the SB5 voter referendum to go away, but he did not outline provisions of the law he is willing […]

Anti-Health Care Amendment to Appear on November Ballot

Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Tuesday that opponents of the national health care overhaul law have enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment regarding the law on the state’s November ballot. A liberal policy group, however, said it is finding invalid signatures in its review. If it finds enough invalid signatures, the group could […]

Anti-Union Bill Curbs Rights of College Teachers, Too

A clause in Ohio’s new anti-union law may spell the end of collective bargaining for the state’s public college teachers. The clause on page 272 reads: With respect to members of a faculty of a state institution of higher education, any faculty who, individually or through a faculty senate or like organization, participate in the […]