Republicans Pick Cleveland for 2016 Convention

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that it had chosen heavily Democratic Cleveland to host its 2016 national convention. A meeting of the full RNC will ratify the choice next month in Chicago. The RNC had narrowed the field to Cleveland and Dallas, both of which aggressively courted party officials. Republicans believe that […]

Obamacare Fight Comes to Ohio

The battle over the Affordable Care Act has come to Ohio. On Thursday, the state’s Republican lieutenant governor, Mary Taylor, announced that customers will pay 41% more for individual health insurance coverage next year because of the law. Taylor’s announcement followed announcements from other states, such as New York, that the law would cause major […]

Biden Keeps Attacking Romney in Ohio

Today, Vice President Joe Biden continued an attack on the business practices of Mitt Romney, saying that his business background doesn’t make him fit to run a country. Mr. Biden used an eastern Ohio car dealership as the backdrop to a speech during which he said Mr. Romney was wrong to criticize the government’s auto industry […]

Ohio Law Requires Parties to Certify Presidential Nominees Before Convention

  In 2010, Ohio election law was amended to require all parties to certify the names of their Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees at least ninety days before the general election. In 2012, that would be August 8. However, neither the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party, will have held their national conventions that early. The […]

Biden Jabs Romney’s Record

Vice President Joe Biden brought the Obama campaign’s Bain Capital offensive to Ohio today, framing the election as a choice between economic philosophies. Mr. Biden said there is “life and hope in the heartland” as a result of the administration’s pro-manufacturing policies, which he said would do more to build a lasting economy than the […]

Polls Show Obama Leads in Ohio More Now Than in 2008

Recent polls show President Barack Obama running slightly better now than at a comparable point in the 2008 election. A Quinnipiac poll in Ohio shows Pres. Obama edging Romney by two percentage points (44% to 42%), a closer margin than in three polls conducted in late April. Surveys by Fox News, Rasmussen Reports and Purple […]

Obama, Romney Fight for Ohio Vote in Growing Economy

Ohio is again unfolding as a crucial battleground in the Presidential election, its eighteen electoral votes critical to both candidates. On Wednesday, President Obama made his fourth trip to the state since January; Mr. Romney will arrive on Thursday. About 54% of the state’s electorate is white and working class, a group that both Mr. […]

Ohioans Don’t Like Romney Much, But They Like Santorum Less

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney edged past former senator Rick Santorum to win the critical Ohio Republican primary Tuesday. The candidates had taken turns showing meager leads late into the night, and both spoke to their supporters without declaring victory. Both candidates had crisscrossed the Buckeye State in recent days, making their pitches to voters. […]

Will the Republican Race Come Down to Ohio on Super Tuesday?

Ohio could change the state of the Republican Presidential Primary. Republicans will be going to the polls in Maine, Arizona, and Michigan before month’s end, but Super Tuesday is quickly approaching on March 6. One of the biggest prizes is Ohio. It’s big and diverse, and none of the candidates has a home field advantage. […]

President Obama Currently Leads in Ohio

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Ohio finds President Obama leading all of his Republican opponents by margins ranging from 9 to 17 points. Obama leads Mitt Romney, 50% to 41%, tops Herman Cain, 50% to 39%, beats Newt Gingrich, 51% to 38% and crushes Rick Perry, 53% to 36%. It’s important to note […]