Study: Ohio 36th in Nation for Financial Security

Financial security eludes almost half of Ohio households, which often are one crisis away from plunging into poverty, according to a report from the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CED). Many working-class families face the threat of tumbling into destitution because they lack sufficient savings to withstand a significant loss of income, and economic insecurity is getting […]

Where Is Ohio’s Economic Rebound?

Not long ago, Ohio was one of the leading states in job creation, and Gov. John Kasich was touting JobsOhio, as a way of bringing jobs to Ohio. Fast-forward to December 2013, and it’s a different story. Recent studies peg Ohio as forty-fourth (of, obviously, fifty) in job creation and in the bottom four states in economic […]

JobsOhio Numbers Down On Every Metric In Q3 2013

Political communicators know to release bad news when no one is looking. That’s what JobsOhio did this week. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, two days after Black Friday, and the day after the OSU-Michigan game, most Ohioans are not following politics or job numbers.* Knowing this, the folks at JobsOhio put out a report for the third […]

Open Letter from Sherrod Brown about the Farm Bill

In Ohio, one out of every seven jobs is connected to growing, processing, or distributing the food we eat and the products we use every day. In fact, agriculture and food contribute more than $107 billion dollars to our state’s economy each year. That’s why, when I talk to farmers around the state, I hear […]

What Ohio Miracle?

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   When John Kasich took office in January 2011, the Ohio economy was on the upswing. It stayed that way, for a time. Once his policies started taking effect – the ones that shifted the tax burden onto middle-class families and slashed funding to schools to pay for tax cuts for […]

A Hedge Fund Is Now The Largest Landlord In Huber Heights

Huber Heights, Ohio, a Dayton suburb, finds itself 9% owned by a hedge fund that played a key role in inflating and exploding the sub-prime mortgage bubble, putting the town’s public school and other budgets in jeopardy. Magnetar Capital owns one of every eleven homes in 40,000-person Huber Heights after purchasing the rental company founded by the town’s […]

Here’s How the Shutdown Affects Us

It’s been twelve days since John Boehner let Tea Party shut down the government. Every day this goes on, the shutdown hurts more Americans. We know that this shutdown is hurting millions of families — putting hundreds of thousands out of work and freezing a number of vital services that so many people rely on. […]

Ohio: 7th in Poverty

Ohio’s poverty rate stayed steady at 16.3% in 2012. It was just a slight change from the 16.4% rate in 2011. Only six other states had more people in poverty. Around the state, 36% of the people living in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County had income below the poverty level. Franklin County in central Ohio was at […]

Ohio’s Unemployment Rate Climbs – As It Falls Nationally

Ohio’s unemployment rate climbed to 7.3% in August. That puts the Buckeye State even with the national rate and cuts into one of Governor John Kasich‘s talking points: That Ohio’s economy had recovered faster than the United States. As The Plain Dealer‘s Olivera Perkins noted, Ohio was second in the nation in job loss last month. Gov. Kasich […]

Ohio Outpaces U.S. in Growth of Extreme Poverty

More Ohioans are among the very poorest Americans. The percentage of Ohioans earning 50% or less of the poverty level, increased by 65%, according to U.S. census data. Only three other states (Michigan, Georgia and Mississippi) saw extreme poverty go up more than 3%. The poverty level is determined by income and is used to […]