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Charter School Details Under Scrutiny

Horizon Science Academy

An Akron Beacon Journal report has revealed disturbing details surrounding a chain of nineteen publicly funded charter schools.

The Horizon and Noble Academies were founded by Turkish immigrants under the name “Concept Schools.”  The schools hired“325 educators almost exclusively from Turkey” and “as early as 2002, state audits found thousands of public dollars ‘illegally expended’ to finance the U.S. citizenship process for Turkish employees.”  The report highlighted another early state audit found “as many as 20 percent of teachers at one school were not licensed.”

Democratic Auditor of State candidate and State Representative John Patrick Carney (D-Clintonville) pointed out that, despite repeated media reports of problems and many requests from parents and others for more oversight, the problems at the Horizon and Noble Academies persist:

What good is an audit if nothing further is done to prevent the misuse of public tax dollars?  It’s alarming that an organization that is meant to educate our children is grossly taking advantage of Ohioans’ hard earned money.  It’s even more alarming that the current State Auditor is not doing everything possible to prevent it. It’s crucial for students, their families, and all Ohio taxpayers that we make sure our schools are providing our children with the best education and environment possible to allow them to succeed.

Via votecarney.com.


One comment on “Charter School Details Under Scrutiny

  1. Reblogged this on A man and his brain and commented:
    More proof that charter schools are not working in Ohio. Thank you Kasich, Yost, DeWine, ALEC.

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