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State of the State Puts Education Funding on Display

Governor John Kasich has chosen Medina as the site of his State of the State address in February. As he prepares for this event, it is helpful to understand what his two state budgets have done to schools in Medina City and County.

Children in Medina County schools will have $13.7 million less state revenue in the next two school years than they had in the two years before Gov. Kasich took office. The Medina City school district alone saw its state funding decline by $4.4 million, or 9.6%.

While state funding declines, school districts in the county are losing more to private and charter schools. Charter School payments are up about one-third under Gov. Kasich to $4.37 million. That money is not funding success. In the 2011-2012 school year, every dollar transferred from a Medina County school to a charter went to one that performed worse on both the performance index score and state report card ranking.

As a result of the state’s focus on school choice, Medina County schools receive 5.2% less state revenue per student than the state’s funding formula says they need.

Meanwhile, Gov. Kasich and his legislative allies — led by Medina’s own Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder — have cut so much revenue to Batchelder’s home county schools that Medina County districts have put $70.8 million in property and income tax levies before voters since May 2011.

Via Innovation Ohio.


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