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Rep. Ryan Wants Manufacturing Focus at SOTU

Rep. Tim Ryan

During last year’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama highlighted the success of a Youngstown manufacturing innovation institute that specializes in 3-D printing technology.

Representative Tim Ryan (D-Niles) and other boosters of domestic manufacturing say they hope to hear more along those lines during Obama’s State of the Union address tomorrow night. Ninety percent of the nation’s patents come from the manufacturing sector, which contributes $120 trillion to the nation’s economy each year, compared with $20 trillion for web-related products.

“To focus on manufacturing is to focus on the majority of our economy,” Rep. Ryan said at a Monday press conference hosted by the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

Earlier this month, Pres. Obama announced creation of a new manufacturing hub in North Carolina that will use semiconductor technology to develop energy-efficient devices for cars, industrial motors, and electronics goods. Two more hubs will be announced soon.

Rep. Ryan said  that Congress needs to pass legislation, such as a billauthored by Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, that would fund up to fifteen more institutes.

Via Cleveland.com.

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