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Poll: Governor’s Race a Toss-Up

Kasich heard us

Kasich heard us (Photo credit: jonathantasini)

A new poll signals trouble ahead for Gov. John Kasich’s re-election.

The survey of likely voters shows Gov. Kasich polling at 40% against little-known Democrat Ed FitzGerald. Gov.  Kasich’s trouble among conservatives is reflected in a 6% showing for Libertarian Charlie Earl. The remaining 16 % are undecided.

A survey in early November found Kasich and FitzGerald tied at 41 %.

You can read his polling memo here.

This election, like so many in the past, will likely hinge on Ohio’s economy.

Gov. Kasich knocked off incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland in 2010 by promising to improve Ohio’s struggling economy and accusing Strickland of failing to attract and keep jobs. The recovery that began under Strickland has reversed.

More troubling for Kasich is an expose by the Toledo Blade showing that the Kasich administration has exaggerated the number of jobs created by firms receiving state money.

Via Plunderbund.


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