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134,000 Ohioans Could Lose Aid After Kasich Refuses Federal Funding for Food Stamps

John Kasich

John Kasich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gov. John Kasich’s decision to reinstate work requirements for food stamp assistance is inconsistent with his recent championing of health-care for the poor.

An estimated 134,000 Ohioans in seventy-two counties are at risk of losing food stamp assistance as of January 1, when the first round of people will have exhausted a three-month grace period from the requirement that they work at least twenty hours a week, prove they’re in school, or take part in job training or job-preparation programs.

All eighty-eight counties received federal waivers from the requirement, but Gov. Kasich opted this year to request extensions only for the sixteen counties with the most stubborn unemployment numbers. People between the ages of eighteen and fifty in the rest of the state must meet the work mandate.

The mandate could come at the same time as the expiration of unemployment benefits for an estimated 129,000 unemployed Ohioans after Congress did not approve another extension.

“We applauded the governor when he had the courage to add 275,000 folks to Medicaid, but it is absurd to give people health care one month and turn around later and say, ‘Now you can’t eat’,” said the Rev. John Edgar, a United Methodist pastor.

Counties are assessing whether people should be exempted from the work requirement based on whether they are pregnant, mentally or physically unfit to work, or have a disability.


Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Politics/2013/12/18/Critics-prod-Kasich-to-waive-work-rule-Copy.html#q43ewwyk8iGbYLRH.99


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