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DNA Evidence Clears Akron Man

English: Self made photo, taken August 05.

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The number of exonerated American prisoners is unknown, but data gathered by law schools indicates that it’s more than 2,000. Fascinating details surrounding some of these exonerations set them apart from the rest. Here is one recent exoneration that made headlines.

In 1997, former Akron, Ohio, police captain Douglas Prade was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife, Margo Prade, a doctor. Her gunshot-riddled body was found in her vehicle in her office parking lot.

No murder weapon was found. Prosecutors produced no witnesses to the killing. The main evidence against Prade was a bite mark on the victim’s arm and lab coat that a prosecution expert matched to Prade’s teeth.

DNA tests conducted at the time were inconclusive.

With help from the University of Cincinnati‘s Innocence Project, Prade appealed the conviction. In 2010, Prade won an Ohio Supreme Court ruling that allowed retesting of DNA evidence using newer methods. When the results came back, none of the DNA evidence could be matched to Prade.

Via CNN.



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