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JobsOhio Numbers Down On Every Metric In Q3 2013

Political communicators know to release bad news when no one is looking.

That’s what JobsOhio did this week.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, two days after Black Friday, and the day after the OSU-Michigan game, most Ohioans are not following politics or job numbers.*

Knowing this, the folks at JobsOhio put out a report for the third quarter of 2013. Compared to the second quarter of 2012, there are some interesting differences. For example,  every single metric (total jobs, total retained jobs, total projects, etc.) is down this quarter.

Here are those results:

Total # of Projects 87 61
New Jobs 5,788 3,835
New Jobs Payroll  $228 million $174 million
Retained Jobs 16,317 6,161
Retained Jobs Payroll  $853 million $309 million
Total Jobs 22,105 9,996
Total Jobs Payroll $1.1 billion $483 million
Capital Investment by Companies $1.0 billion $708 million

This isn’t a surprise.  Unemployment in Ohio just soared above the national average.

Missing from the new report are the multi-year return on investment (ROI) totals included in the 2012 Q3 report. In 2011, the Kasich administration made a big deal about ROI, announcing a “proprietary tool” to calculate the ROI for JobsOhio projects. We can only guess what their secret ROI formula told them in Q3 2013, but it must be bad to be completely excluded from their report.

Of JobsOhio, former head of the organization Mark Kvamme said people should “Judge us on our results.” It’s been almost two years, and the results are bad. It is time for people to start judging.

With more bad news, here is the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, which just released a report showing that Ohio is nearly last on the quality of economic conditions for the past three months. Almost every state has shown improvement.   Ohio is moving backward.

Here’s the map released with the report.


* However, after the Ohio Democratic Party publicized the poor results on the hidden Q3 report, it became clear that some Ohioans were interested, and the folks at JobsOhio moved the report so earlier links to it would not work.

Via Plunderbund.


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