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The Whispering Campaign by Team Kasich against Greater Cleveland Has to Stop

John Kasich - Caricature

John Kasich – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Gov. John Kasich’s cabal of advisers seem to believe they can have things both ways. When there’s good news on the jobs front, it’s all their doing. Bad news is someone else’s fault.

But some roads are so low that even the governor’s lackeys must avoid them at all costs. At the top of that list is traveling down any path that pits one part of Ohio against the other. Or one that makes Kasich’s  cultivation of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seem to be nothing more than a political stunt.

Yet that’s exactly where Kasich’s folks seem headed in their obsession to do whatever it takes to make Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald — the Republican governor’s near-certain Democratic opponent in next November’s election — look bad.

Gov. Kasich is always quick to profess his love for Cleveland, yet he allows his mouthpieces to use rhetoric that tells voters how terrible things are here.

“Cleveland is a great city,” Kasich said at the Rock Hall. “When the reputation catches up to the reality, people will be blown away.”

But as politics writer Henry J. Gomez has reported, now that the state’s economy has hit the wall, Kasich supporters “are looking to pin a large part of the blame on FitzGerald.” They’re doing it by trying to draw an imaginary line around Greater Cleveland. All the bad economic news that happens inside that line is FitzGerald’s fault. All the good economic news from the rest of the state — what precious little of it there is these days — is 100% Kasich’s doing.

Discussing Greater Cleveland’s problems in a way to raise awareness and discuss possible solutions is perfectly acceptable, but telling people things are dreadful solely to score political points is insulting.

Meanwhile, for fourteen consecutive weeks this year, the Columbus region led the state in the number of jobless claims.

Next year’s election is, and will likely continue to be, Kasich’s to lose. To be a legitimate candidate for president — and make no mistake, that’s the long term goal here — he has to win by a comfortable margin. But he also has to win the right way. This governor is too smart to utter even a whiff of criticism about the largest region in the state. But his agents lack standing to do it for him.

Gov. Kasich should order them to shut up.

Via Cleveland.com.


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