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Kasich Offers Veterans Meaningless Executive Order

Governor Kasich is going to issue an executive order “directing all state-run boards, commissions and departments issuing occupational licenses to take into account a veteran’s military education, skills training and service time when determining equivalency for licensing requirements.”

That sounds nice, until you realize that it’s meaningless. It’s a typical  resolution that politicians do when they want to look like they’re doing something for veterans, without doing something to help veterans.

In his first budget, Gov. Kasich proposed weakening the preference given to veterans to the point of nearly scrapping the preference given to veterans under Ohio’s civil service laws. In fact, Gov. Kasich’s proposal would have changed the law so that if a veteran score tied with a non-veteran, the job would go to the first applicant. The State Senate scrapped Gov. Kasich’s proposal before his budget became law.

Gov. Kasich’s first budget sought to cut the State’s support of veteran organizations such as AMVETS, the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and other organizations. House Republicans not only rejected Gov. Kasich’s cut, they increased State funding for these groups.

Gov. Kasich’s second budget froze the funding for the same groups while seeking to change Ohio law so he could give his political staffers 30% raises.

Via Plunderbund.


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