Marriage Equality Momentum Continues in Ohio

Freedom to Marry

Freedom to Marry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The momentum is incredible.

More and more people are talking about marriage equality. As they do, one state after another says, “I Do” (support marriage equality).

Before last year’s November elections, only six states and the District of Columbia enjoyed marriage equality. Today, fourteen states and six Indian Territories allow the freedom to marry. That means over 30% of Americans live in states with marriage equality!

Here’s the latest:

  • On Friday, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled that same-gender couples may begin to marry in the Garden State on October 21.
  • On Wednesday, the New Mexico Supreme Court will take-up the issue after the state’s clerk of courts asked the justices to clarify the law.
  • On Monday, October 28, the Hawaii legislature will meet. It is expected to pass a marriage equality law that could take effect by November 18.
  • Other states continue to move forward with marriage equality legislation and court cases including Illinois, Nevada, Utah and Virginia.

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation…

In Ohio, FreedomOhio leads the effort to repeal and replace the 2004 constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Over the last couple years, FreedomOhio has grown from a handful of supporters to over 62,000 members.

With national equality groups gearing-up their work in Ohio right to educate people about marriage equality, it is more and more clear that Ohio is ready for the Freedom to Marry.


3 comments on “Marriage Equality Momentum Continues in Ohio

  1. How great is this?! More and more people are coming out of the woodwork, speaking out and taking a stand! Ohio is on the verge of changing for the better!

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