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New Legislative Education Funding Caucus to Study Ohio School Funding

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus where the Ohio...

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus where the Ohio Senate meets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ohio Representatives John Becker and Dan Ramos were among the first to join the new Education Funding Caucus.

The bipartisan group of legislators was created this week to find ways to solve funding problems with Ohio’s education system, caucus founder Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson) said in a release.

The caucus will recommend proposed legislation to the full legislature.

It’s been tough to come up with solutions during the debate over the budget earlier this year, Rep. Patterson said.

“After consultation with colleagues on both sides of the aisle and from both chambers of the Statehouse, I decided the best path forward will take an effort that promotes reflective inquiry without the confining constraints of time,” he said in  the release. “As our composition and interests grow, I foresee experts from around the state and nation advising and informing our group on a regular basis with respect to our pressing needs and concerns.”

Nine lawmakers have signed up for the caucus so far.

The first caucus meeting will be held in late October and will be open to the public.

Via Cleveland.com.


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