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At Wednesday’s Cleveland Mayoral Debate, We Learned… The Candidates Don’t Like Each Other

Downtown Cleveland from the Superior Viaduct

Downtown Cleveland from the Superior Viaduct (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The city’s mayoral debate generated little buzz, but that view hasn’t stopped Mayor Frank Jackson’s opponent, businessman Ken Lanci, from trying to win attention.

In Wednesday’s only mayoral debate, held at the City Club, Lanci was polished, sticking with a couple of messages, including the charge that Jackson has failed on his promise to fix Cleveland schools. Lanci didn’t offer serious policy proposals, but he landed a few blows.

Jackson’s contempt for Lanci was obvious, as he looked away from Lanci much of the time. His disdain for Lanci is fueled by his view that Lanci is an actor not connected to Clevelanders.

“I don’t go to a place of tragedy with hot dogs and hamburgers to be disrespectful and condescending to that tragedy,” Jackson said during his closing. “But I make my communications heard in a subtle and non-media way, so the people of Cleveland know one thing about me — that I care about them and their well being and I’m not going to betray their trust in me.”

Via Cleveland.com.


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