Tomorrow: Stand Up for Women’s Health

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the f...

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the fight for health insurance reform to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ohioans are reeling from the attacks on women’s health that were passed in the state budget with no public comments or hearings. These extremist provisions will defund Planned Parenthood, require women to undergo and pay for unnecessary medical procedures, and attempt to gag rape crisis centers from counseling women on all available options after a sexual assault.

Legislators dedicated to protecting women’s health plan to give these budget provisions the hearings they never received.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Ohio Statehouse Room 121

Representative Kathleen Clyde
Representative Nickie Antonio
Representative Heather Bishoff
Representative John Patrick Carney
Representative Connie Pillich
Representative Dan Ramos
Representative Sandra Williams

Dr. Marc Parnes, Columbus physician
Jaime Miracle, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio
Professor Marc Spindelman
Cathy Levy, Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Danielle Smith, National Association of Social Workers – Ohio Chapter
Karen Rainey, American Association of University Women of Ohio

I strongly urge you consider attending these hearings to speak out against the extremist attacks on Ohio women’s health care choices!

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