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Ohio EPA Watchdog Fired for Not Breaking Law for Coal Industry


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Before he took office, Governor Kasich told people, “Get on the bus, or get run over by the bus.”

In response to an offer of help when he took office, John Kasich told Senator Nina Turner, “I don’t need your people.”

This kind of attitude is exactly why we need new leadership in the Ohio Statehouse. 

The latest victim of the Kasich administration: one of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s chief watchdogs, George Elmaraghy.

Elmaraghy revealed that he was forced to resign because he spoke up against pressure from Gov. Kasich’s corporate friends in opposition to permits that could have violated state and federal laws.

Elmaraghy was fighting to protect Ohio’s natural resources. He was doing his job, and because of pressure from Gov. Kasich’s powerful friends, he was escorted from the building on Friday.  

Ohioans deserve better. Ohioans deserve a Governor that listens to the citizens, and that appreciates good public servants, not one that throws people under the bus to please their donors.


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