FitzGerald Proposes Changes to JobsOhio

Democrat Ed FitzGerald, who’s running for governor, unveiled a list of changes he’d like to see at JobsOhio if he were to take office.

The Cuyahoga County executive called for sunshine law requirements, public audits,  and revamped ethical standards, among other proposals.

FitzGerald says the current JobsOhio system is not producing at a high level and believes implementing these changes will boost productivity.

“The truth is that when you have loans that make sense and grants that actually make sense, you’re not secretive about them, you’re happy to engage the public.” FitzGerald said.

“I also think that it would create an environment where more businesses would actually be comfortable participating in the process because they don’t think it’s a secretive process where you have to know the right person in order to get consideration.”



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