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Ohio Gun Restrictions Eased in Recent Years

History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-pre...

History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


January 2004: Republican Governor Bob Taft signs a bill legalizing concealed carry in Ohio.


December 2006: The legislature overrides a Gov. Taft veto, enacting a bill that expands the concealed-carry law. The bill allows permit holders to drive with their weapons holstered and hidden and sets one set of gun rules statewide, nullifying more than eighty local firearms ordinances, including assault weapon bans in Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.


June 2008: Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland signs the “castle doctrine” bill, which assumes a homeowner who injures, maims or kills an intruder is acting in self-defense and shifts the burden to police and prosecutors to prove otherwise. The law also allows concealed-carry permit holders to transport loaded firearms or unloaded weapons and ammunition together in the unlocked glove compartments or center consoles of vehicles.


June 2011: Republican Gov. John Kasich signs a bill that allows permit holders to carry firearms in all of Ohio’s Class D licensed liquor establishments, which include bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, museums and sports stadiums.


December 2012: Gov. Kasich signs a bill that permits guns to be kept in vehicles in the underground parking garage at the Ohio Statehouse. The bill eliminates a requirement that concealed-carry permit holders obtain a competency certificate to get their licenses renewed and changes the definition of an unloaded weapon so that magazines could be kept loaded in a vehicle as long as they were not kept in the same compartment as a gun.


June 2013: Lawmakers introduce more gun-related bills. One would eliminate language in state law that defines an automatic weapon as “any semi-automatic firearm designed or specially adapted to fire more than 31 cartridges without reloading.” Another would prohibit law enforcement officials from melting down confiscated guns.


Coming soon? Legislation is in the works to allow public employees with permits to carry guns in the Statehouse and other public buildings.


Via Cleveland.com.



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