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JobsOhio Corruption Dominates Ohio News


There has been a lot of news lately about Governor John Kasich‘s slush fund, JobsOhio. Don’t take my word for it: click below to see what’s being said on television about the agency.



The Governor and his friends are abusing the state government to pad their pockets with tax dollars.


Six of the nine JobsOhio directors had financial ties to companies receiving public funds. Even Gov. Kasich got in the act, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars and even campaign contributions from a company that got favorable treatment from that state.


In one case, the CEO of a company made a $100,000 contribution to the Ohio Republican Party in the same year his business received hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits from JobsOhio.


Under Gov. Kasich, Ohio dropped to forty-seventh in the nation in job growth, and the JobsOhio plan to jump-start the economy includes giving tax dollars to companies to move from one Ohio city to another.


Meanwhile, Gov. Kasich and his cronies have gamed the system, eliminating public oversight that would help fix the shenanigans at JobsOhio. After efforts failed for a public audit, Ed FitzGerald demanded the Ohio Ethics Commission act, but the Governor’s political donors on the Commission dismissed the complaint.




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