Reblog: Ohio AG crusades against homosexuals and pot smokers

, U.S. Senator from Ohio.

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David DeWitt at The Athens News wrote a wonderful blog post on Mike DeWine‘s recent actions on marijuana and marriage equality. Rather than parse it out (and do so less eloquently), I’ll just reproduce it in full here. Please make sure to visit the original post here.


It’s fantastic. You’re welcome.


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, moral crusader, must be polishing his bonafides in the contest for Biggest Dilweed of the Month.

His office announced yesterday his rejection of the petition for a ballot initiative called the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act because, DeWine maintains, the petition was not “fair and truthful.”

So there you have it, Ohioans, you’ll have no opportunity to see a popular vote on state marijuana laws if Mike DeWine can do anything about it, and he can.

Also, earlier this month, DeWine decided to take his moral crusade to the hospice bed of a dying homosexual, promising to “lead the fight against” Federal Judge Timothy Black’s order for the state to recognize said dying man’s Maryland marriage.

Jim Obergefell and partner John Arthur have been together 20 years and were married in July in Maryland onboard a special medical jet. Arthur suffers from Lou Gerhig’s Disease.

The ruling from Black would allow Obergefell to be listed as Arthur’s spouse on his death certificate and enable Arthur to be buried where he wishes.

That’s too much to conscience for ol’ Mike DeWine.

“There are other long term implications that go beyond his life,” DeWine said in telling Black to shove his ruling where the sun shines not.

“The survivor under this order would be able to take full advantage under Ohio tax law of being a surviving spouse,” DeWine belched.

Oh the humanity! What trickery and deception! That this partner of 20 years and spouse should be treated under Ohio tax law like a partner of 20 years and a spouse! Good thing Mike DeWine, moral crusader, is here to protect us.

Despite DeWine’s insistence that this couple’s desire to be married is somehow based on some sort of tax swindle, the real reason is a little simpler: They want to be buried next to each other in a family plot and have to be married in order to do so. The nerve! But this seems lost on Moral Mike.

“He would be able to take advantage under federal law, I assume, for Social Security and any other benefits that he might be entitled to as a result of being a spouse,” DeWine said.

Alackaday, to what is this world a’comin’? Marriage benefits for married gays? Argh!

You see, back in 2004, Ohio voters decided the idea of gay people getting married is just too icky, or something, so they voted to amend the state constitution to deny gay people equal rights and protection under the law. They banned gay marriage.

No matter that earlier this summer the U.S. Supreme Court rejected California’s ban on equal marriage rights by correctly declaring it unconstitutional, no matter that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the hilariously monikered Defense of Marriage Act which banned equal federal marriage benefits, His Moralness DeWine is on a mission to protect the stance of Great River state voters circa 2004.

“Ohio voters made it very, very clear what they wanted to do in regard to same sex marriage,” he said, referring to when Ohioans apparently made it “very, very clear” no dead homeysexchuls shall share earth in family cemeteries. “My job as attorney general is to support the law and defend the law if it’s attacked in court.”

He also, quite obnoxiously, acknowledged the tragic nature of this case.

“We have two individuals, two men, and one of them is dying so it is very, very sad,” he said.

It is sad, now,  precisely because of you, Mike. It was a victory for equality in American jurisprudence when the federal judge announced his decision, before you came traipsing along.

Nevertheless, he expects the case to reach the Sixth Circuit Court before ultimately being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, you hear that SCOTUS? One unconstitutional, gender-based ban on marriage contracts struck down, 35 to go. I’m afraid the Grand Old Partiers are insisting their attacks on legal equity be dismantled á la carte.

And in the meantime, no smoking pot, you lazy Heads!


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