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Ohio’s First Casino Opens with Fanfare

Ohio’s first casino opened Monday night with lines of gamblers, a music video instead of a ribbon cutting, and two bare-midriff showgirls wearing plumed hats and sequined tops.

The video was projected on the façade of the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland and showed images from the city’s history, sports teams, and tourist attractions.

The last scene showed the curtain opening to the casino, capping a twilight ceremony in front of a VIP crowd.

The general manager, Marcus Glover, asked the tuxedo and gown crowd that got the first chance at the slots to be considerate of dealers.

Brad Hirsch, vice president and assistant general manager, said dealers, rookies hired from the area, were ready to shake off first-night jitters and were skillful in a dry run.

Ohio voters in 2009 approved casino gambling at four sites in the state with backers promising new jobs and opponents warning about more gambling addicts.

A casino in Toledo will open in two weeks, and casinos in Cincinnati and Columbus will open by next year.

A group of unions announced Monday that they had agreed with the operators of the Cincinnati and Cleveland casinos that will allow workers there to be represented by a union of their choice.

Via CBS News.


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