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Ohio Republicans Still Trying to Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the f...

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the fight for health insurance reform to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governor Kasich and his pawns in the Statehouse are celebrating because they just declared Ohio the epicenter of the national Republican attacks on women.

Will you stand up and support Ohio Planned Parenthood and show Republicans we won’t accept their attacks on women?

They snuck a provision into a budget bill that is meant to block state funding for Planned Parenthood in Ohio, effectively ending access to preventive health care for many women.

Ohio Republicans don’t want family planning dollars to help women unless it fits their radical definition of “help.” They started their attacks on preventive health care by pushing to defund Planned Parenthood in Congress and followed with statewide efforts in Indiana, Texas, and elsewhere. Now, they’re here in Ohio, peddling the same thing and setting up what they’re calling a “new priority system.”

This “new priority system” is rigged to make sure Planned Parenthood and the women that depend on it for cancer screenings, HIV tests, and birth control, are denied state support.

Republican lawmakers are at the statehouse fast-tracking this legislation. We need to act quickly to try to stop this thing: Click here to stand with Planned Parenthood and demand Republicans end their attack on women’s preventive health care!

Without your signature and support, the Republicans just won’t stop.

This bill is bad for everyone but it’s absolutely devastating for Ohio’s women and families.

With your help, we’ll shine a bright light on their extremism and build a powerful movement that stops these attacks on women in Ohio, and nationally, once and for all.


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