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Ohio Democrats Propose Kids & Communities First Fund

John Kasich

John Kasich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Statehouse Republicans are whistling past the graveyard while schools and communities across Ohio are feeling the squeeze.

Last year, Governor Kasich made massive cuts to schools and communities across Ohio, creating a financial crisis for education, safety services, and local property taxpayers.

The state budget is getting fat, yet Gov. Kasich is continuing to starve schools and communities.  He has proposed many changes in his mid-year budget review (HB 487) but has done nothing to address the funding crisis at the local level.

House Democrats have proposed the KIDS & COMMUNITIES FIRST FUND, which will make $400 million available this year for teachers, safety forces, and taxpayers.

If you agree that Ohio shouldn’t turn its back on our schools and communities, help us pass the Kids & Communities First Fund.  Sign this petition and tell Statehouse Republicans to pass the Kids & Communities First Fund as an amendment to House Bill 487.


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