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House to Vote on Bill to Cut Early Voting

voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

Last month, Republicans in the Ohio State Senate pushed through SB 295, a bill that amounts to a “sneak attack” on Ohio’s voting rights.

Now the state legislature is back in session, and the House is poised to vote on SB 295 any day.

If SB 295 passes, Ohio will lose the last three days of early voting the weekend before November 6 and for every election going forward. Those are some of the most popular days for people to vote early, and it’s our job to show the Republicans in the State House that we aren’t going to let them take those days away from us without a fight.

Early voting isn’t about shorter lines when you show up to vote. It’s a pathway to the ballot for people who can’t take time off to go to the polls on a Tuesday. By cutting early voting, the Republicans are sending a clear message: Our votes don’t matter.

Add your name to let Ohio’s House Republicans know that you oppose this “sneak attack” on our voting rights.

If the other side thought we’d just sit this one out, they’ve got another thing coming.

This isn’t the first attack Ohio Republicans have launched on voting rights. Last summer, they passed HB 194, a bill which would have cut early voting days in half. In an overwhelming response to their attempts to cut early voting, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans spoke out, enacting a citizens’ veto that nullified the bill for this year and put it on the ballot this November. Now, the Republicans are pretending that SB 295 gets rid of HB 194, but in reality, it’s just another way to impose restrictions on early voting.

We’re not going to let this fly under the radar, because Ohio voters deserve the chance to get all of our early voting rights back this November.

The House could vote any day now, so it’s time to put on the pressure.



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