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Romney, Mandel Want to “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” and Lose 850,000 Ohio Jobs

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Mitt Romney is busy writing his campaign platform on an etch-a-sketch, many Americans are asking one question: What about jobs?

The Republican record on creating jobs is pretty clear: ignore, ignore, ignore. When it comes to creating jobs in Ohio, it’s more like oppose, oppose, oppose.

Remember when Mr. Romney said that the President should have “let Detroit go bankrupt?” That would have destroyed 850,000 jobs in Ohio.

Rather than support a policy that saved the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Ohioans and their families, Josh Mandel sided with Mr. Romney.

National Republicans aren’t looking out for jobs in Ohio.

Thanks to the continuing success of the auto industry after receiving federal aid, American auto companies are adding jobs in Ohio as we speak. Toledo will be gaining 1,500 new jobs from expansions by GM and Chrysler. GM will be adding 1,200 jobs at their facility in Lordstown. Ford has announced that it will bring 1,400 jobs from Mexico to Lorain County.

Mitt Romney and Josh Mandel opposed a policy that saved nearly 850,000 jobs in Ohio and is creating thousands more by the month.

I think Republicans are hoping that if they shake hard enough, people will just forget their radical anti-jobs, anti-women, anti-middle class agenda.

Contribute what you can before the FEC filing deadline THIS Saturday.

Help us show them that the people of Ohio will not forget.


One comment on “Romney, Mandel Want to “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” and Lose 850,000 Ohio Jobs

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