Sherrod Brown’s No Fear Fund

Sherrod Brown in Stark County

Sherrod Brown in Stark County (Photo credit: OhioProgressive)

Senator Sherrod Brown is collecting $500,000 as part of his No Fear Fund, and a group of supporters has pledged to give $1 towards that goal every time someone re-tweets the message or shares it on Facebook.

They’ll also match any donation one of your friends makes in response, up to a total of $20,000.

To take advantage of this limited-time-only match program:

1. Click here to re-tweet Sherrod’s message on Twitter.
2. Click here to share Sherrod’s message on Facebook.

This is a great deal for your friends; their contributions are doubled, and you can help Sherrod’s No Fear Fund get closer to its goal without opening your wallet.

Just click here to re-tweet or here to share on Facebook — it won’t cost you a dime and, thanks to some generous progressives, it’ll help build our grassroots organization.


4 comments on “Sherrod Brown’s No Fear Fund

  1. I don’t understand what this No Fear Fund is all about? I do know that when I enumerated my concerns about a no-bid contract at the US Department of State to the office of Senator Brown after he had met with Under Secretary Pat Kennedy about said contract that I got on response from Sherrod Brown. It appears that when crimes are committed by people in high places they are not investigated, not followed up on and no one protects whistleblowers. As someone who lost her job as a result of this lack of follow-up, I should know. No, I do not think I will give any money to Sherrod Brown

  2. Dear Dorie,

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for commenting!

    The “No Fear Fund” is so called because it was created in response to the scare tactics used in attack ads against Senator Brown. Because of a generous donation by a large number of progressives, it is not necessary to donate for money to go into the fund; as you read in the post above, all that is necessary is that information about the fund is shared on social networking sites.

    As for your job, I would like to recommend that you speak with a lawyer. There are federal and state laws that protect whistleblowers. Moreover, whistleblowers are entitled to compensation if there is a judgment against the fraudulent entity. It should be easy to find a lawyer in your area with a simple web search.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice about finding a lawyer. I took it all the way the MSPB. My husband represented me very nicely, although his is not a lawyer. But the case was already cooked so, of course, my concerns were denied. I do not intend to spend my life-savings fighting over this issue.

      Most people seem to take the fact that the government retaliates against whistleblowers without question. So I will continue to raise the issue when I get the chance. I would never support Hillary Clinton for anything — not even dog catcher.

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