Who Will Be Ohio’s Trayvon Martin? Can We Stop Lax Gun Laws Before It’s Too Late?

Trayvon Martin, only seventeen years old, was shot and killed last month. 

What happened to Trayvon is every parent’s nightmare.

George Zimmerman became judge, jury, and executioner based on his fears of people different from himself.  He was carrying a gun.  Mr. Zimmerman is the NRA’s poster child for carrying loaded, hidden guns and claiming self-defense under Florida’s “shoot first” law. The gun lobby has forced vigilante-empowering laws onto the books across our nation, and they are trying again in Ohio and in the U.S. Capitol. It is an American tragedy.

Last week, legislators in the U.S. Capitol introduced S. 2188/S. 2213.  The legislation overrides state laws by mandating that states allow the carrying of loaded, concealed weapons by anyone permitted to carry concealed weapons. This reciprocity puts us all in more danger.

Click here to help us fight these bills.

The deadly shooting of Trayvon Martin is only one example of at least 402 victims killed in thirty-two states since May 2007 involving private citizens legally allowed to carry concealed handguns. Because there is no comprehensive reporting of crimes (even murders) committed by concealed carry permit holders, these numbers are drawn from news accounts and represent only the tip of the iceberg (Violence Policy Center).

Do we have George Zimmermans in Ohio?  Yes we do!

Ohio concealed handgun permit holders have shot girlfriends, bosses, friends, and neighbors, in arguments and domestic quarrels, over fireworks and parking places. Permit holders carried their guns into airports and left them on school property.  One victim was a law enforcement officer who had pulled a car over for playing music too loudly. The driver and permit holder killed him.

The “shoot first” law in Florida is letting George Zimmerman walk free. It is Florida’s “shall issue” concealed carry law that allowed Mr. Zimmerman to face and kill Trayvon Martin. Without Florida’s lax concealed carry law, Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

Ohio has the same kind of “shall issue” law giving people the right to be in our midst with guns loaded, hidden and ready to shoot.

Trayvon Martin had a right to be free from gun violence. So do our families.

Help us take back our communities. Our kids are counting on us.


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