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Supreme Court Decision Halts Ohio Executions, For Now

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A U.S. Supreme Court decision on Wednesday has put executions on hold in Ohio.

Until Ohio revises its lethal injection procedures to the satisfaction of a federal judge, no more inmates will be executed, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine acknowledged.

“I can’t predict what is going to happen,” said A.G. DeWine, whose office represents Governor John Kasich. “The next scheduled execution is for April, and so that’s a little ways off, and we’ll just see what happens between now and then.”

Gov. Kasich and the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections appealed two federal court rulings that blocked a scheduled January 18 execution. The Supreme Court, without explanation, declined to hear the case, letting the lower court rulings stand.

The stay of execution granted to Charles Lorraine by a district judge remains in place. Mr. Lorraine is suing the state, claiming Ohio’s lethal injection procedures are unconstitutional.

Via Cleveland.com.


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