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Rules Ignored in Arrest of Deadly Craigslist Robbery Suspect

Map of Ohio highlighting Summit County

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A state prisons report noted that confusion over rules about prisoners transfers and lack of communication help explain why Texas parolee Richard Beasley, a suspect in a deadly Craigslist robbery scheme, was mistakenly released twice in Ohio.

According to the report, Texas informed Ohio a warrant issued for Mr. Beasley did not allow him to be released on bond.

Summit County authorities have said they are planning to charge Mr. Beasley with killing three men and wounding a fourth between August and November of 2011 in Noble County. He is being held at Summit County Jail under prostitution charges.

According to investigators, the four men responded to an ad on Craigslist offering a job on a cattle ranch in Noble County, where the men were robbed and shot.

Brogan Rafferty, from Stow, also accused of being involved in the robbery-murder scheme, is now facing possible adult charges. He is being held at Summit County Jail.

Richland County Judge James DeWeese, brought to look at why Mr. Beasley was released in the summer, said the warrant contained the note that bail was not permitted.

Mr. Beasley left jail in Ohio on July 13, was arrested July 14 after a traffic stop, and was released again despite the Texas warrants asking he be kept in custody.

According to the done for the Ohio council of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, jailers, prosecutors, and judges should be trained about such warrants and there should be better communication between jails and out-of-state prison officials.

Summit County is now reviewing the report to make sure state regulations are followed.

Under existing rules, Summit County should have held Mr. Beasley, said Roger Wilson, Ohio’s deputy administrator for the interstate group overseeing transfers.

Via Stowsentry.com.


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