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Dimora Prosecutors Want to Present Extra Evidence

Location of Garfield Heights in Cuyahoga County

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Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and his friends tried to use their influence to sway court cases in courts across the county, according to prosecutors.

The prosecutors asked the judge overseeing the case against Mr. Dimora and Michael Gabor Jr. to let jurors hear about nine instances that aren’t part of the charges.

Prosecutors argued that the schemes fit a pattern of conduct they will try to prove during the racketeering and bribery trial in U.S. District Court in Akron.

In an order filed late Wednesday, Judge Sara Lioi agreed to allow some of the information prosecutors outlined.

Jurors are likely to hear about an instance in which Mr. Gabor got his brother-in-law, Broadview Heights Mayor Sam Alai, to “pull” a ticket from juvenile court and another in which Mr. Dimora called a juvenile judge to try to get a young offender out of prison.

They could also hear about a case in which prosecutors say Mr. Dimora tried to help someone find a way around a judge he couldn’t influence.

Judge Lioi declined to needed more information before deciding on several other examples.

Prosecutors, through a spokesman, declined to say why Mr. Dimora and others were not charged with crimes based on the information.

Mr. Dimora’s attorneys argued that the judicial dealings were wholly unrelated to the criminal case and do not show him doing anything wrong.

The schemes bolster the impression former Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo gave when he testified in the trial of former County Common Pleas Judge Steven Terry.

Mr. Russo told jurors who convicted Judge Terry that he once had influence with as many as ten judges.

Mr. Russo is expected to testify against his former friend in exchange for a lesser sentence. He has pleaded guilty and faces more than twenty years in prison.

Via Cleveland.com.


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