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Blinks Used as Testimony in Murder Trial

Map of Ohio highlighting Hamilton County

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A dying man’s videotaped eye blinks, which prosecutors say identify his killer, are a major part of the testimony at the defendant’s trial in Cincinnati.

Ricardo Woods, of Cincinnati, is charged with murdering David Chandler. Police interviewed Mr. Chandler while he was in the hospital, paralyzed after being shot in the head and neck on Oct. 28, 2010.

Hamilton County prosecutors say that Mr. Chandler identified Mr. Woods in a photo through a series of blinks during a hospital interview. Mr. Chandler died two weeks later.

Judge Beth Myers of Hamilton County Common Pleas Court ruled in September that jurors will be allowed to see the video of Chandler’s blinking eyes despite a defense argument that the blinks weren’t conclusive and should not be allowed in evidence.

Judge Myers said she found the identification “reliable” and said that it wasn’t made by routine, involuntary blinking but by pronounced, exaggerated eye movements.

Mr. Woods’ attorney, Kory Jackson, argued that there could be flaws in interpretation of the blinks and that the blinks were inconsistent.

Via Dispatch.com.


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