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Cleveland Rover Bites Voter’s Nose

An Election Day rover bit the nose of a voter in Cuyahoga County. The alleged assault happened on Memphis Avenue in Cleveland Tuesday afternoon.

The victim, Greg Flanagan, went to MetroHealth Medical Center and called NewsChannel5 as he was leaving the hospital.

Mr. Flanagan said the incident started when he saw a man arguing with a woman about signs she had outside the polling place. The man claimed the woman’s signs were too close, and the situation was combative. He said he stepped in to try to help the woman.

According to the police report, Flanagan said, “Measure the distance if you are concerned, and don’t be an ass.”

The poll worker then asked, “What did you say?”

“Don’t be an ass,” Flanagan replied, as stated in the report.

“This is when the named suspect grabbed the victim around the neck, head butted him in between the eyes, then pulled his head close to him and tried to bite his nose off. Victim believes more happened, but could not remember,” the report said.

Police have not made an arrest yet.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections confirmed that something did happen, but did not offer specifics.

One of a rover’s duties is to travel to various polling locations throughout Cuyahoga County to assess and help with problems relating to the election process, according to the Board of Elections website.

The board’s website lists the top personal characteristic of an election day rover as the ability “to perform in a professional manner under stress when confronted with tight deadlines.”


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